Deck lighting can be utilized to brighten any outdoor area – from creating a calming, ambient environment used for entertaining company, or safely lighting a walkway, ramp, or stairs, to providing light to secure your deck and property. With countless options available in a multitude of styles, sizes, and color temperatures, there exists accent lighting suitable for any situation. Easy installation of such lighting, be it solar or low voltage, is achievable under most circumstances, existing builds and new projects alike. At, we are committed to helping grow your understanding and identify the advantages of the two types of lighting systems , provide basic troubleshooting and general installation guidance for different systems and styles of lights, and provide you with a helpful guide to assist in choosing the perfect system for your deck. Check out the information below and see exactly what deck lighting could do for your outdoor area!

The Two Types of Lighting Systems

Low Voltage Lighting Systems consist of three components – the transformer, the harness, and the light. The transformer powers the system, the harnesses carry the power, and the light provides a luminous output on the railing, stairs, or deck. Low Voltage Systems provide a brighter lighting experience compared to Solar Lighting Systems, and work independent of being bright or dark outside.

Solar Lighting Systems consist of three components – the module, the battery, and the light. The module receives sunlight and converts it into energy to charge the battery. The battery holds power and outputs voltage to the light when the photocell within the module is triggered, and the light provides a luminous output on the railing, stairs, or deck. Solar Lighting Systems provide a subtle, dimmer lighting experience without the need for wiring and an external power source that Low Voltage Systems require.